Installation – “Thicket”

This project was submitted to an open call for proposals for Pod Art installations at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Our proposal sought to create a reprieve from the visual stimulation present at the annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. The installation provided a spatially interactive experience – one which can be simultaneously viewed and occupied. A 30′ x 30′ gridded field of 1 1/2″ diameter bamboo poles defined the installation while selectively removed zones created privacy and enclosure within an otherwise vast, undefined 600+ acre event. The tight placement of poles also provided dappled shade projecting into internal spaces located within the gridded field. Ultimately, This dense bamboo grid created an inhabitable thicket to be experienced and explored by the festivalgoer.


Project Bonnaroo


900 SF (x2 pods)

Completion Date:

Summer 2011

Project Team:

Brandon Pace – Team Leader
Michael Davis – Team Leader

Will Spencer
David Scott
Michael Aktalay
Garrett Ferry
Shane Elliott
Larry Davis
Ashley Pace
Leslie Smith
Matthew Davis
John Sanders
Carah Ferry
Stephanie Dowdy

Photo Credits:

Sanders Pace Architecture (all diagrams courtesy of Sanders Pace Architecture)


AIA East Tennessee Award of Merit [2012]
The Art Institutes Grant – Project Bonnaroo [2011]