Installation – “The Seed House”

The Seed House is an educational tool providing visitors with knowledge of local plant life. Three cylinders containing three types of seeds hang from the branch of the tree into an enclosure entered at ground level. As one enters the structure they view information about the three plant species attached to each canister. Upon leaving the seed house, the visitor takes with them a seed to plant. The visitor gains not only knowledge, but also the ability to take that knowledge with them in the form of a seed which he can plant, nurture, and grow.

Located in a grove of cedar trees adjacent to the cheek mansion, The Seed House is constructed of off-the-shelf rough sawn cedar lumber, assembled using only a series of 3/8″ carriage bolts. 4×4 posts anchor the shelter to 8″ concrete bases, while providing a framework for the rough sawn cedar skin. A single 4×8 plywood sheet is shifted to one side to allow for the canisters to enter the structure, while providing shelter to the user.

The Seed House unites man with nature, built environment with natural. The architectural statement of the “house” is grounded, providing protection to as well as a means to explore the seed canisters hanging from the branch above. Natural and built environment are interwoven as the canisters slide into the structure of the “house”.


Cheekwood Art Museum and Botanical Gardens


48 SF

Completion Date:

Spring 2002

Project Team:

Brandon F. Pace, AIA LEED AP
Ashley E.B. Pace, RA


AIA Tennessee Award of Merit [2002]
Terrific Treehouses, Cheekwood Art Museum and Botanical Gardens [2002]